This is me- the creative genius behind I’nTipi and many a written word (some published, the vast majority unpublished, which probably is a good thing) with a passion for anything stylish, inspirational and unique and an unhealthy obsession with shoes and everything vintage.

I am a freelance writer at I’nTipi by day. Through my company I aim to collaborate with my clients to charge their message with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice that stands out from the crowd through effective writing. My company offers a wide variety of writing and editing services to businesses, including social media, online Web content and sales/promotional work.

And I am a food and fashion blogger over at Bacon & Rags by night. Bacon & Rags is a collaboration of four very opinionated people who love food and fashion. The blog has been awarded a certificate from Team Curaçao Bloggers recently and has also been featured regularly in InselAir’s inflight magazine Insights.

What I love most about my work is that I get to meet inspirational people every day. I enjoy hearing their stories, whether they are success stories or struggling with something, and writing about it. My work has been published in the evening paper Amigoe as well as online at Huntu Kòrsou Magazine.

I currently live on Curaçao and I am living and breathing (and reading and writing and editing) everything that has to do with words.