Huntu Kòrsou Magazine available online today!


Team + Liza @ CHATA

Yesterday was another eventful day for the Huntu Kòrsou Magazine team. After wrestling with the layout for two days (Thank you Kenneth from Tramm Imaging for your patience!) we finally managed to get the magazine ready for printing. The reason for dedicating so much time and effort into printing an online magazine is that we wanted to present the only available printed version to a very influential person, being Mrs. Liza Dindial of CHATA Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association. Liza loved the magazine and gave us her support. Backed by CHATA, surely we can conquer the world!


Huntu Kòrsou Magazine is an online magazine aimed to inspire readers by showcasing efforts that contribute to a better quality of life on Curaçao. Projects aimed at increasing social belonging in (underprivileged) communities as well as honouring regular people who spare no effort to improve the quality of life of others in their community. The online magazine aims to realise a community in which citizens, corporations and the government work together to benefit our Dushi Kòrsou.

Check out the first issue here and stay tuned for the second issue available online this afternoon!



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